Ben Clark
Ben started his career in the Intelligence Community 20 years ago. He has spent the last 15 years building the Millennium Red Team, made up of 80+ certified Red Team operators and serving numerous DoD and Federal Government Red Teams. He also led the creation of k>fivefour, which is Millennium's Red Team training and certification program.  
Ben created the RTFM almost 10 years ago with the simple intent to aid his own teams. He has been blessed to see the security community's embrace of the manual and the benefit it has brought cyber operators across the globe.
Nick Downer
  Nick has 10+ years of operations, development, and training experience supporting DOD and commercial red team customers. Nick aided in the development of numerous Red Team training offerings including the k>fivefour Red Team Apprentice (RTAC) and Red Team Journeyman (RTJC) courses, co-authoring the RTFM v2, and co-creating the RTFM Video Library.
Nick currently supports the Bank of America as a senior Red Team operator and also founded the company "Rogue Labs" which provides premium Red Team training and virtual range support to a variety of customers.